Plan Your Vacations in London

London, which is located on the banks of Thames River, is one of the favorite holiday destinations of the tourists. Being the capital city of England, this cultural hub of the nation has gained worldwide popularity for its exotic scenic beauty, renowned institutions, magnificent historic monuments as well as hustling city life. Huge number of tourists, business leaders and scholars amalgamate to this very metropolis every year. Apart from that the city brags a large number of tourists’ attractions. Some of the renowned tourists’ spot of London are Westminster Palace, Madame Tussauds Museum, Natural History Museum and Coram’s Fields and so on.

The Westminster Abbey, which is sited at Westminster, is the most desired spot for the tourists’ to visit. This heritage construction speaks about the history of London for eras. Moreover for tourists’ benefit the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben of the Abbey remain open till evening. Apart from this palace, the shop hoppers can also hop to Portobello Road, which is supposed to be the biggest antiques market of the world. Shoppers, who have a taste for antique collections, will get a scope to buy antique pieces, souvenirs etc from here.

Vacations in London

Now comes London’s another place of attraction, the famous Madame Tussauds Museum. Here one can see and click pictures with dozens of status made up of wax materials. Here you can view a huge number of mannequins ranging from pop stars to players, royal personalities, film stars and so on. The museum is also a seat of a planetarium. If you are eager to have a look of the museum, including the planetarium, then you have to be there within 9.30m. The museum closes at 5.30pm.

Coram’s Fields, the other attraction of the place, is a park of 7 acre, built mainly for children. If you have children only, you can enter into the park in free of cost. Grazing farm animals, small petting zoo, paddling pool are some of the attractions of the park. Natural History Museum is really paradise for the children where they can go through the collections of Darwin, Bank etc as well as can see models of various zoological creatures. The entry fee of the Museum is absolutely free and it opens around 10.00am.

After going through this extract those who are planning for a trip to the city, don’t miss the opportunity. Grab it fast as soon as possible. There is nothing to worry about the accommodation and transportation. You will get both three stars and five stars hotels in the city, though the price of the five stars are much higher compared to the other. Once you are there, you will get the best bus, cab and train services in the city. Heathrow Airport, the largest aero hub of London, carries passengers to and from all over the world. You can even book the ticket online if you wish to.

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Cambridge Tourism

This University City in southern England is known for its daffodils and crocuses. The city presents us many images in our minds: the view of vast sprawling green areas that belonged to Kings, students cycling in university for lectures and the rich Gothic architecture.


The city has a variety of pubs, bars and restaurants that suit a variety of budgets and tastes. All the nightspots have been declared as no smoking zones.

The Castle Inn is one of the best and busiest traditional pub of the city. The club is known for its on house parties and it may become impossible to get into it on weekends. The bar also serves the home cooked food to its customers.

Ballare is the biggest club of Cambridge and is commonly known as ‘Cindy’ by student community. The bar has international nights on some particular days.

Cambridge Tourism


The city has a large number of shops that deal in souveniers and gifts. One such popular area is King’s Parade. This area boasts of several unique and different themed shops selling antiques and other items. You can also visit shops along the streets of Burleigh, Regent and Mill Road for best bargains and values. Grafton Center is also another area that deals in high end shops having luxury brands dealing in lingeries, fashion accessories and clothing. The Market Square in the heart of city holds general merchant market dealing in daily use items on six days of the week. Popular brand Marks & Spencer has several food mini supermarkets in the city that sells high quality fast food.


Cambridge is a small city that can be explored on foot alone. The central area is traffic free and most of the avenues can be explored freely. If you are young and dynamic, then you can rent a bicycle also. There is an option of sightseeing bus also that provides commentary in several foreign languages.

The city is encouraging more and more on public transport and due to this the parking charges are very high and never commit mistake of renting a car in the city.

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